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duminică, 27 decembrie 2009

Cine suntem și ce facem:

• Scopul nostru este să oferim un mediu prin care cercetătorii și divulgatorii să-și difuzeze relatările.

• Realizăm interviuri de profunzime, care sunt accesibile fără plată. De asemenea, punem la dispoziție analize scrise și alte tipuri de cercetare. Dați click aici pentru link-urile către întregul nostru material. Dați click aici pentru interviurile nostre audio și arhivele noastre de emisiuni radio.

• Din ce în ce mai mult, primim mesaje de sine stătătoare (oficiale sau neoficiale) de la surse interene, unele dintre care vor fi prezentate pe această pagină (vedeți mai jos...) și pe paginile de arhivă spre care duc link-urile de mai jos.

• Ne concentrăm asupra investigării următoarelor chestiuni (dar nu numai): vizitele și contactul extraterestre, călătoriile în timp, mind control, tehnologia avansată secretă, free energy, posibilele schimbări din viitor ale Pământului, și dezvăluirea planurilor de a controla rasa umană. Dați click aici pentru a afla mai multe despre misiunea noastră.

• Aici sunt câteva link-uri importante, inclusiv toate arhivele noastre din secțiunea Starea Planetei de mai jos (reactualizări, comentarii personale și reportaje de știri începând cu anul 2007)... aici e o cantitate enormă de informații:

• Dați click aici pentru o listă a tuturor interviurilor noastre video

• Dați click aici pentru o listă a tutror interviurilor noastre audio

• Dați click aicipentru o listă a tuturor rapoartelor noastre speciale

• Dați click aici pentru marele nostru rezumat: 2009 : O poveste a două linii temporale

• Dați click aici pentru articolul nostru de la început, Big Picture

• Dați click aici pentru ARHIVA 1 : 16 octombrie 2007 - 19 aucust 2008

• Dați click aici pentru ARHIVA 2 : 23 august 2008 - 11 decembrie 2008

• Dați click aici pentru ARHIVA 3 : 12 decembrie 2008 - 14 martie 2009

• Dați click aici pentru ARHIVA 4 : 15 martie 2009 - 15 mai 2009

• Dați click aici pentru ARHIVA 5 : 20 mai 2009 - 20 iulie 2009

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• Dați click aici pentru ARHIVA 7 : 28 august 2009 - 6 noiembrie 2009

“In religie si politica, credintele si convingerile oamenilor sunt, in cele mai multe cazuri, dobandite la mana a doua, fara a fi examinate, primite din partea conducatorilor care, nici ei la randul lor nu le-au examinat, ci le-au preluat tot “second hand”, tot de la non-examinatori, a caror opinie despre ele nu valoreaza nici cat o para chioara.”

Mark Twain

Dear Ones, yet again a promising arrangement has come to nothing, due to the inappropriate release of the date on which Disclosure was to be made by President Barack Obama. Our disappointment more than matches your own, as the announcement was agreed and the details completed many weeks ago. It cannot be as easily re-arranged, but there is a sense of urgency to get started again and lose no more time. Keeping details secret is extremely difficult once they get into the public domain. However, we have other ploys that will continue to emphasize our existence, and we ask you once again to keep your eyes on the skies. These are the days when the signs have become talking points, that will awaken people’s awareness to not just our presence but our methods of contact with you. For many years we have made crop circles as one means of getting your attention. As you will have noticed in more recent times, they have become more sophisticated. The messages they send have been interpreted, and their symbolism correctly understood. They have carried energy with them, and even although everyone has not understood them, it has connected with them sub-consciously.

We are fascinated by your many interpretations of the blue beam over Norway. It has certainly become a good talking point, and your perception is sufficiently open to consider that it originated in space and that it has been beamed down to you. The connection with the presence of President Obama is also interesting, and shows that you see it as some indication of attempts to contact you. Millions of people accept the existence of Space Beings, and now many more believe that they have a place in the lives of Mankind. With a sudden surge of interest in us, and a desire to know us you have created the opportunity for contact to manifest. There are many factors involved, not least of all our role in ensuring that the plan for your conscious upliftment and Ascension takes place as decreed by the Creator.

As you can understand, there are many reasons for speeding ahead with official contact. We want it to come out naturally, and in a way that will not shock those souls who have no belief in our existence. Many have put up a barrier in spite of the evidence that supports us, and the underlying reason is fear. Be assured whatever view you have of us, that we are peaceful Beings with no design on taking over your Earth or your people. Ours is a mission of love and the desire to prepare you for Ascension, by releasing you from the control and domination by the dark forces. Their power base is crumbling and their attempts to prolong their reign are going to fail. They certainly do not want you to get to know us better or place your trust in us, as that means the end of their influence and ability to hold onto their own positions. They trade on their massive fortunes that are used to buy people off, and support covert operations that are used to bolster their powerful positions. World domination is their goal, but they will not be allowed to go any further than at present. We are monitoring their every action and they are doomed to failure.

We say again that you are such powerful Beings of Light, yet you not necessarily believe in yourselves. Your power of thought is creating your future the whole of the time, so providing you are focusing on what is for the good of all; you will hasten your upliftment into a higher consciousness. There are a number of different expectations where the end times are concerned, and again your power of thought will give you the experience you desire. So you may ask how can there be more than one ending, and we will answer by informing you that they all occur simultaneously on different levels. From any one individuals experience it would seem that everyone is involved in the same one, and there will be no awareness of any others. We might say beware as to what you focus on, by making sure it is what you would wish to give your energy too.

God’s plan for the end times is called Ascension, but it is up to you as to whether you take advantage of it. You cannot just wish to be part of it and succeed, as it requires effort by you to lift up your vibrations. The Law of Attraction allows only for those souls who have reached a certain level to ascend. The process is one of living in the Light and Love, so that any ties you have had with the lower energies are cut. This enables you to focus on the task of further lifting up your vibrations, and as a result you will surely achieve success. There is considerable help around you, and you have only to ask and it will come to you. Use names if you desire such as your favorite Angel or Master, as you may be assured they will receive your request. Allow for the answer to freely manifest and do not insist it happens in any particular way. You may not necessarily know exactly what is best for you.

You are learning a lot about life and have never been so well informed as you are now for a long, long time. For over a century spiritual groups have arisen with knowledge and teachings, that have explained the many misconceptions given out as the truth through orthodox religion. As you are often informed it is the truth that will set you free, and every effort has been made to place it before you. It is not forced upon you, and is not accompanied by fearful consequences for not following it. True disciples respect your freewill, and that way you are free to take what you can and move on. Each soul is unique and therefore what suits one is not necessarily another’s path. If you cannot grasp or understand the need for Ascension, then you are most likely ill prepared or insufficiently illumined to accept it into your life. Have no fear about making such a decision as you are not abandoned or held in lower esteem. You will evolve exactly according to your own pace, and one day you too will take a great leap forward having finished your education in duality.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and member of the Galactic Federation. I love these opportunities to offer advice, and it is essential that as many of you as possible fulfil your life plan by ascending, if that was your goal. Remember that those “coincidences” that help you are more planned than you realize. Your Guides work small miracles to get you where you need to be for the experiences you have chosen. For example you may feel that you met your partner by chance, well Dear Ones such an important step in your life is totally organized. There is much love felt for you and importance given to your life plan, and it is simply the out working of your choices by which to experience.

Thank You SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.

joi, 10 decembrie 2009

Spirala din Norvegia

hi everybody,

i think by now probably everyone has heard about the stunning light phenomenon that was visible in the sky over norway yesterday (i'll attach some pics).

today, jean hudon from wrote some interesting comments about it and also asked suzy ward, matthew's mother, what his thoughts were.
here is jean's message:

Hello everysoul!

Something ABSOLUTELY EXTRAORDINARY happened today, December 9, 2009 which I know is a portentous sign of GREAT global changes of unprecedented magnitude now underway that will significantly transform our world and our experience of life in many wonderful ways, especially for those of us who pray/meditate/demand from our hearts and souls that such changes are globally implemented for the highest good of all.

I've received numerous emails today about what happened this morning in Norway where President Barack Obama is scheduled to give tomorrow his Nobel peace prize acceptance speech, and many, many people are very excited about what this stunning phenomenon potentially means. To find out immediately what it is, just read Spiral UFO puts Norway in a spin and See the 84 related news articles on this today

After reading all the related information I found on this (gathered below in the "Worthy of your attention" section), I've decided to share with all of you something I had only shared with a small group of kin souls yesterday and which I did not intend at first to share widely. But to me what happened today is perhaps not coincidental and could very well be related to something that I heard last Sunday during the global meditation focus... Here is how I described this experience yesterday:

"I heard, out of the blue, while I was in a very high state of soul/God attunement with all other souls reaching out together to welcome our soul family from abroad, near the end of this past Sunday's focus meditation a voice suddenly popped into my consciousness and stated firmly: "Access Granted" which - in a nutshell - I understood as being the response from our larger galactic soul family confirming that we have reached collective mass awakening in sufficient numbers and quality to be formally acknowledged as ready for first global contacts with and integration into the Galactic Light Federation - it was also signaling our global ascension process is well underway. It felt like an important threshold had been crossed..."

Of course, if anyone else experienced something similar during this last Sunday meditation, I'd love to hear about it...

So this feeling as too important to wait, I've decided to send out immediately this Special Addendum to Turning Tide of History #30: Reaching Critical Mass For Real Global Change. You'll also find below a wonderful suggestion by David Spangler - see Peace on Earth below - who recommends that we all join to overlight him during his speech that is to take place this Thursday December 10th at 1:00pm Oslo, Norway time (CET) - that's December 10th at 4:00am PST. 7:00am EST (New York time).

If you cannot join in meditation during his speech, you can project your Light right away towards this moment and even do it after to sustain the momentum of Light expansion that is now firmly underway.

Finally, at my request, Suzy Ward asked for Matthew's perspective on these wonderful new developments and she just sent me back the following:

"Matthew says this is the most profound sign yet from our brothers and sisters in other civilizations that the time is nearing for their presence to be properly acknowledged -- there is no way that those who do not want that to happen can explain away this dramatic sign. The overall spiral represents the unbroken interconnectedness of all souls from our Beginnings in the light -- the intense light at the center -- and the blue spiral aimed at Earth is the most forceful evidence to date of their desire for us to consciously connect with them in the same spirit they have come. The timing and location are significant, selected to mark the awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize to US President Obama for his vision and dedication to achieving world peace and to indicate that they are here to assist us reach this goal."

Please help in circulating this widely if you feel this is indeed a momentous Earth-Shift in the making...

Love, Light and a bright future lie just ahead!
Galactic Federation Update for 08-December-2009 by Sheldan Nidle

Selamat Jarin! We come today with more things to discuss. The process for change is making headway! We are currently fully involved in a push to bring about the collapse of your present reality. To achieve this, we have instructed our liaison teams to focus on and accelerate an alternative plan in which a number of your major governments acknowledge our existence. We find that the last dark cabal is strengthening its resistance even as we apply measures that are to lead to its downfall. This stubbornness manifests as a slew of stalling tactics which have slightly delayed the momentum of our Earth allies, turning the behind-the-scenes face-off into a veritable cold war situation. As a result we are seriously considering a number of options that involve a more open level of support for our Earth allies. We have detailed new liaison teams to advise our Earth allies on possible new tactics. We do not want to intervene directly until the disclosure conferences are over and the main instrument for implementing the dark agenda (the current US regime) is ousted legally from power.

The situation is to worsen before it gets better. We understand the implications of this and are asking our Earth associates to complete what they are on the brink of accomplishing. The need for change is quickly becoming an imperative for us and Heaven is carrying out all that has been mandated by the divine plan. An essential aspect of this mission is that contact not be scary or seen to be in any way a direct move against your governments. However, the primary directive here is to ensure that your transformation into full consciousness occurs as planned. The dark cabalists understand the immense odds they are up against but nevertheless are more fearful even of what is to happen once they give in and surrender to the Light. However, their fears are misplaced! Yes, their previous actions do have consequences, but our role does not include that of executioner! The changes are not about subjecting them to their own brand of vicious justice but about carrying out a propitious act of divine grace.

This process is more in the nature of rehabilitation, which can allow these former denizens of the dark to come to realize a number of things about themselves and their sacred links to all life. It is to be carried out by the Agarthans acting in sacred concert with Heaven. Heaven is not about pain and suffering but about Love and divine grace. We are here to be your mentors and teachers. Ours is not to conduct a violent intervention into your reality as the dark ones are keen to have you believe. The scenario of something monstrous from “outer space” suddenly hurtling itself upon you lies at the core of your science fiction media and has been drilled into you for over six decades. This fear is now deep within you and you ask us, how can you determine our true motives? As always, the answer lies in your heart knowing. Use your intuitive logic to discern the truth, for this is your link to the Divine. The dark sees the present time as its last chance for survival and has pulled out all its stops to defer our actions. But as you know, the cabal is destined to fail.

The present conditions contain within them a slight chance for the dark to prolong things. This is why we are pursuing the option of getting one or more of your major governments to introduce us formally and invite us to come and visit them. In this event, we can make a much smaller first contact and ensure that your deliveries are carried out and the required global announcements made. We repeat: first contact changes everything. It transforms your reality and can come as a big wake-up call to many of you. This is a requirement that is to be met head on by your Ascended Masters. Their appearance is to lead to peace and enhanced global cooperation, and is to provide the catalyst for wide-ranging discussions that are to introduce a great many things that your religions have either distorted or largely ignored. These topics will be explored well after this limited contact is over.

Once this ‘introduction’ scenario is underway we intend to bring in the rest of our landing parties. With this act the dark is vanquished, and the prosperity promised you can then manifest. Thereafter, the principle scenario we have been discussing with you can go ahead. As for the exact dates for all this, it would be silly of us to disclose this aspect of our plans as we want to keep the dark on edge. We have a number of irons in the fire and what happens exactly is dependent on factors that change daily, even hourly. What we can say is that we do not intend to see your suffering become as great as the dark’s machinations would seem at present to suggest. A divine edict guides us and we are to do what Heaven so prescribes. This is leading to the above reappraisal of the situation. In any event, victory is close.

It is important for us to reiterate that we are working in concert with the Divine to achieve success. First contact is the exact point where your reality changes inexorably and emphatically for the better. Everyone working toward this end knows this. Yet, we cannot simply swoop down without some form of effective preamble. As it is, your media and entertainment industries have recently conjured up some terrifying “what if” scenarios which require dispelling. This is another reason for our move to the alternative plan mentioned above. There are other ways to initiate contact, and we are exploring them too. We have a sacred responsibility to carry out a first contact that achieves the objectives given to us by Heaven, and the dark’s unending machinations cannot deflect us from this task.

We are determined to utilize every positive means to achieve first contact and are, as we speak, studying various avenues that we previously dismissed. We come here as family members, ready to expedite a sacred intervention that is to give you the means to return to full consciousness. Already your Ascended Masters are setting energies that permit us to transform the present situation easily and quickly. Heaven has a plan, a divine plan. This plan is not a rescue, but rather a way to effect the change necessary to return you to full consciousness. We, along with the Agarthans, have come up with a way to allow all we have talked about to manifest. The coming time is therefore for setting the energies swiftly and bringing about the necessary overture to first contact.

There are groups on your world that form part of our Earth allies and that hold positions of power given to them long ago by a number of somewhat lesser known (to you) Ascended Masters. Within these groups are powers that have not been implemented on your world since blessed Lemuria passed beneath the waves. The moment arrives for these energies to be activated again in order to recycle a true conclusion to the vast energies of this present precessional period. This energy has many gifted chelas who wait patiently for the divine word to be given. Then, from within the Earth’s core and the rituals of the Agarthans this energy can flow up to the surface world. When properly evoked, this energy can change everything! Be ready.

Today, we continued our talk about Mother Earth’s transformation and focused on alternative scenarios. Things are getting close! First contact is most sacred to us and is not taken lightly. Once the proper prequels are in place and we receive the green light, first contact happens quickly and smoothly. Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

marți, 1 decembrie 2009

Cine suntem cu adevarat?

“Oamenii ar face orice, indiferent cat de absurd ar parea, pentru a evita sa stea fata in fata cu propriul lor suflet.”

"People would do anything, no matter how absurd, to avoid facing their own soul."

Carl Jung